Designed by Zak Norman

Black Box Echo have created the new production for Bicep's 2018 live shows.

The structure was designed to play the perception of the audience. Using semi transparrent panel provided by Video Illusions, it morphs and disapears in the darkness, with all the lighting rig also concealed by this panel. When illuminated with content, the show provides a different veiwing experience in every area of the space.

'The exceptional visuals by Black Box Echo build to fill the stage like psychedelic Lego and, for Opal, Matisse-like colour blocking.'   -   The Guardian

The visuals are operated live, mimicing Bicep's approaching to performing the audio. 

The playback system takes audio feeds from Bicep's analogue synths and other instrumentation to augment the live control and show direction by Zak Norman.

Lighting Design: Zeal

Lasers: Shine 

Photos by Antonio Pagano and Dan Medhurst

Special thanks to Simon Gold / This is Music