Installation, Interactive & Generative Programming

Designed by Zak Norman

Commissioned for Loop Festival, Brighton

Hemisphere is an interactive audio/visual installation in which the electrical impulses from the user’s brain are used to control different variables of the composition and visuals. This is achieved using Electroencephalogram (EEG) data and converting it into MIDI data, which can be used to alter certain aspects of predefined sonic and visual algorithms, essentially transforming the user’s brain into a MIDI controller. The subject is connected to a non-invasive EEG scanner, which transports the data to the computer software via Bluetooth, where neuro frequencies such as Alpha, Beta and Theta waves are linked to different elements of the music and visuals, giving the user the opportunity to harness these frequencies and control their environment.

Thanks to Luciana Haill/IBVA, Lukasz Boros, Mark Calvert, Ralph Lambert and Kat Mansoor