Black Box Echo is a programming suite based in London specialising in building bespoke control systems for linking audio, visual and lighting elements of a live performance, art installation or VR project.

We also work with design companies and creative agencies to help them realise the technical side of their artistic concepts and conduct feasibility studies before they submit budgets to prospective clients.

Music Performance | Bespoke Audio and Lighting Control

We believe that the live elements of a musician’s or producer’s performance should not have to be compromised in order to keep the lighting and video elements of their production synchronised. With a strong background in music performance and production, we build control systems around the way an artist performs rather than forcing them to change the way they work to fit in with the production constraints.
The result is an organic music led experience, which gives artists more flexibility to adapt their setup on the fly, even during a show; enabling the artist more freedom to interact with the audience naturally, whilst still keeping a synced audio visual show.

Technical Realisation | R&D, Software Creation and Technical Support

Black Box Echo work with artists, creative agencies and brands to realise their ideas. We can come into the process at any stage and will work with you to build the software necessary to achieve your project goals. We work constantly without a remit on new developments in creative technology, so that we can advise agencies on what is technically possible and for what cost, before they even get to the pitching stage. We can also come into projects at a later stage to help finalise technical requirements and provide support for events and gallery exhibitions.

Content Creation

Working with some of the most foward thinking creators of content, we can advise and and create bespoke media for our artists, based on consultation and mutual creative understanding.

Founded by Zak Norman in 2014, Black Box Echo is an ever expanding team of programmers, technical engineers and music producers.

Our music clients include:
Squarepusher | Eric Prydz | Sub Focus | Scuba | Africa Express | Resident Advisor | Shobaleader One

Our corporate/artistic clients include:
Bacardi | Tate Modern | immersive Ltd | Avolites / Ai | Res | Absolut | Adidas

I entered the world of visual programming almost by accident. As a musician and producer, I knew the value of using elements from my music background as the main starting block for creating synergistic systems between music, lighting and video.  Zak Norman | Black Box Echo