Scuba Live


Art Direction, MIDI Programming, Ableton Project Setup and Media Server Technician

Designed by immersive Ltd

Client: immersive ltd
Management: Sershall Management

Awarded 'Best Live Act' DJ Mag, 2013

With Scuba's highly anticipated new live show, the main objective was a succesful marriage of cutting edge technology and a homage to the aesthetic of the early days of rave culture. The brief was to create a flexible and easily transportable lighting environment which could be experienced in its purest form, rather than just to be watched passively.

The aluminium structure was designed by John Munro at immersive Ltd, and was populated by LED Poison's LED Flex product, whilst immersive's Mark Calvert oversaw the project. Avolites' AI Server took care of mapping the LED and was used to integrate a highly intuitive playback system, which gives the artist a greater flexibility with on-the-fly editing, whilst still keeping synchronized with the visual elements.

Thanks to Chris Carr, Dan Conway, LED Poison, Coloursound Experiment, Giani Fabricio and all at immersive.