Sub Focus Live

2017 (Redesign)

Art direction, Interactive Patch Creation, MIDI Programming and Media Server Technician

Designed by Giani Fabricio
Additional elements designed by Zak Norman & Lucid Illusions

Client: immersive ltd
Management: JHO Management

The Sub Focus live show features an intricate system of networked computers which combine to create an intinuitive and reactive environment for artist Nick Douwma to perform his music. Thousands of video cues are controlled directly by the artist, giving him ultimate flexibility when it comes to manipulating his music and video show live.

The installation was designed by Giani Fabricio and immersive Ltd, with graphic designers Chris Stoneman, Dan Conway and Blinkin Lab and programming from Martin Harvey.

Avolites' AI Lead Developer Dave Green was on hand to adapt the Ai Media Server to the special requirements of this project.